The Warden of the Vines

He's a big pig, you can be a big pig too!



How you met:
Fought and ran from this spirit while trying to sneak through the ruins of Warden’s Hold. It seems this angry spirit, that’s always looking for a fight, was tipped off by the god of death that you would be coming through his realm, one last attempt to thwart the resurrection of Syn.
Disposition Towards Party: (Surface)
Disposition Towards Party: (Deeper)
More Hostile
Faction Affiliations:

Home and Haunts:

Personality Traits:
Territorial. Anyone who does not live here, does not belong here!
Fire enrages him and makes him likely to lash out at the closest target.
Recent happenings:



Motivations and Place in the World:


The Warden of the Vines

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